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Kimberley Series



The Kimberley region of Western Australia is the northern most region of the State. It covers an area of 421,451 square kilometres and boasts some of the most breathtaking landscapes in Australia.

Joel has captured five unique images of the Kimberley that are now available as posters. Order posters here.

All of his photos from The Kimberley Series have be reproduced as high quality metallic prints. Six are available as A2 prints.

  • The Kimberley Series: Boabs
    Leafless for much of the dry season, the Boab tree bears large white flowers as it comes into leaf at the start of the rains.
  • The Kimberley Series: Bungle Bungle Range
    A sandstone plateau, about 700 metres high, in the East Kimberley, dissected by creeks and gorges.
  • The Kimberley Series: Cape Leveque
    Located at the northern point of the Dampier Peninsula, was the site of a manned lighthouse for many years.
  • The Kimberley Series: China Wall
    A sub vertical quartz vein, projecting above the surrounding rocks to form a natural white stone wall near Halls Creek.
  • The Kimberley Series: Cycads
    Known to have lived in the Permian era, over 200 million years ago - even before the dinosaurs roamed the earth. Although once abundant across the globe, cycads are now greatly reduced in both numbers and distribution.
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Joel Smoker's second monograph
Way Out West is now available.
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