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1995 Joel Smoker and the Red Dirt Band

Joel has travelled widely throughout regional Australia and the collection of songs titled Outback reflects his experiences in this part of the country. The songs tell the stories of the people of rural Australia, of their hardships and their joys.

This is a contemporary album about life in the heartland as it is lived now - not in some mythological past. The song Outback won an award in the Country Category of the 1993 WA Music Industry Association Song Contest.

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Engineered, mixed and mastered by James Hewgill
Recorded at Satellite Recording Studio, Burswood

Track Listing

Unsung Heroes
Here Comes The Tourists
Rolling Along
Jimmy Jugari
Trouble In The Country
Early One Morning
The Moonlight Hall
The Salt Of The Earth
North Of The Tropic Of Capricorn


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The Flesh and the Spirit


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